Valentine Day 2018 list: Valentine Week List 2018 and Date Sheet

Valentine Day 2018 list : While many of us have come to be of the opinion that there need not be just one day in the calendar to celebrate love, when it is Valentine’s month of the year, mush and love is inevitably found in the air. Yes, the Valentine Day 2018 list is around the corner and if you are still wondering how to surprise your loved ones or just make them feel special, then we suggest you bring your A-game on. Or if you are among those who have been trying to muster their courage to ask their crushes out, well, you know there’s no better time than this. And in case you are not planning to give them a surprise on February 14 itself, you have the entire seven days leading up to the big V-day. Building up the hype of Valentine’s Day are the seven days that come before — Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day — in that order before the big V-Day comes a-calling.

While these days make for a fundamental part of pop-culture and contemporary love stories, they also happen to have their own significance, to begin with. As much as individuals in affection contend that they needn’t bother with a day or seven days to commend their bond, Valentine Week List 2018 keeps on being seen with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. Here are the distinctive days of Valentine Day 2018 list and their significance.

Valentine Week List 2018 Full Description

Rose Day

Celebrated on February 7, this day denotes the start of Valentine Day 2018 list. Nothing spells love as gifting a bunch of red roses does, so what superior to making your friends and family feel exceptional these wonderful blooms, that are additionally accessible in hues other than red.

Propose Day

Valentine Day 2018 list
Valentine Day 2018 list

Celebrated on February 8, if you are planning to confess your love to your crush, then this is THE day for you. And even if you are blissfully in love, make the day special for your loved ones anyway by planning a special proposal, maybe? Plan a perfect date, gift him/her a beautiful bunch of roses and pop the question!

Chocolate Day

Celebrated on February 9 Valentine Day 2018 list, this day takes it a step forward. Make your bond special with the only thing that is sweeter than love — chocolates. We rarely know anybody who would have the heart to say no to chocolates and gifting them huge bars of delicious, creamy chocolate is just another way to keep the love going.

Teddy Day

Celebrated on February 10, this day only praises the adoration ladies have for delightful, stuffed toys. What superior to a feathery, delicate teddy bear toy to clutch, when you float off to rest?

Promise Day

Valentine Day 2018 list
Valentine Day 2018 list

Celebrated on February 11, this day connotes the significance of responsibility and the guarantee of being as one that the couple has made to each other. Make your cherished one feel exceptional by underscoring on exactly the amount they intend to you on this day in Valentine Day 2018 list. Surprisingly better, say your wedding pledges to each other, once more!

Hug Day

This day celebrates a very beautiful expression of love — a warm, comfortable hug from your loved ones that will make you forget all your problems. Give your loved one a tight, bone crushing hug to let them know they are loved.

Kiss Day

Celebrated on February 13 Valentine Day 2018 list, this day denotes the unique minutes that friends and family share with each other, including the circumstances when they take kisses from each other. Let your exceptional ones feel adored and watched over as you blessing him/her a delicate, cherishing kiss on this day.

Valentine’s Day

Celebrated on February 14 Valentine Day 2018 list, the day observes love in all its forms, shapes and sizes. Couples take time out from their schedules, make plans for spending quality time with each other and generally make each other feel loved.

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