All set for 24 hours power supply to 23 lakh pump sets from New Year in Telangana

Hyderabad: The electricity departments have made all arrangements to provide 24-hour quality and consecutive power to the 23 Lakh pump sets in the Telangana State.

As per the instructions of CM K. Chandrashekhar Rao, the 24-hour power providing will begin from 12.01 AM from December 31 and it will be the New Year’s gift to the farming community in the State. The electricity departments have prepared the estimates beforehand for the 24-hour supply and framed strategy for the required units of power. Since the 24-hour power supply deadline is fast approaching, Telangana State Genco & Transco CMD D Prabhakar Rao has reviewed the preparedness concerned in the Telangana from his office in Vidyut Soudha here with Transco JMD Srinivas Rao, TS SPDCL CMD Raghuma Reddy, and NPDCL Gopal Rao.

Prabhakar Rao also held a convention with the officials concerned. He also discussed about the load bearing due to the 24-hour supply and the strategy to be adapted when there is more load. It is estimated that due to 24-hour power supply beginning from January, there will be a gradual increase of the load and the demand will touch 11,000 MWs by March.

Prabhakar Rao said arrangements for the power is made based on this estimates and as such, there is no need for any worry. He wanted proper distribution and supply of the power. He wanted each and every problem or issue should be brought to his notice and officials should be on the high alert. He said since pump houses of the Lift Irrigation Schemes will also start functioning from June, there will be more demand and a strategy should be made to meet this demand as well the 24-hour power supply to the farm sector.

Though there are some states along with the Telangana state is giving free power to the agriculture, nowhere in the country, the power is supplied for 24-hours uninterruptedly. Hence Telangana State is setting up another record of supplying free, qualitative uninterrupted power for the farm sector. Before the formation of Telangana State, farmers were never given proper power supply. After the formation of the State, the government has ensured 9-hour power supply to the farm sector. But the KCR has ordered that 24-hour power supply should be given to the farmers.

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As needs are, Transco, Genco, SPDCL, NPDCL have made game plans. Rs 12,610 Crore was spent to fortify the circulation and supply frameworks. From the last June 17 in the old Medak, Nalgonda, Karimnagar areas purview 24-hour control supply is given on an exploratory premise. There is 23 Lakh draw sets in the condition of which 9.58 Lakh in these three areas. They constitute 43 percent of the aggregate pump sets and 24-hour control is effectively provided to these pump sets. For this, there is the greatest request of 9, 500 MW of energy however yet the power was secured and provided. To supply 24-hour energy to more than 23 lakh pump sets also, there will be an interest for an extra 1500-2000 MWs, yet the power associations have made courses of action for the supply of energy. An evaluation will be made in the wake of providing 24-hour energy to the homestead part and in light of the criticism, measures will be taken up. The representatives and authorities of the Electricity organizations are working with commitment to give 24-hour control supply, which will likewise turn into a credit to them.

The officials who have estimated the demand arising out of giving free 24-hour power supply to the pump sets in the state have made adequate arrangements at a cost of Rs 12610 Crore and strengthened the network.

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