Sapthagiri LLB Movie Rating & Review

Release date : December 07, 2017

Director : Charan Lakkaakula
Producer : Dr. K. Ravi Kirane
Music Director : Vijay Bulganin
Starring : Saptagiri, Kashish Vohra, Sai Kumar

Saptagiri LLB is one flick which has been promoted quite heavily all over. The flick which is an official remake of Jolly LLB has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Saptagiri LLB(Saptagiri) is a small-time lawyer who comes to Hyderabad to make it big as an advocate. In order to become quite famous, he challenges one of the top lawyers(Sai Kumar) of the country in a hit and run case. Rest of the Movie story is as to what kind of problems does a small-time lawyer like Saptagiri go through to win the case.

Sapthagiri LLB Plus Points :-

The last half an hour of the flick is quite crucial and in biggest asset to the flick. The way the court case is fought between the two lawyers has been showcased in a very interesting note.

Sai Kumar makes a really amazing showing with regards to in his part as a senior legal counselor. He conveys a ton of profundity to the procedures with his negative part. All his angry scenes with Saptagiri has been executed pleasantly.

Coming to Saptagiri, he has made a not too bad showing with regards to in his main part. Despite the fact that he goes over the edge toward the begin of the film, once the second half starts, he ends up plainly genuine and gives a settled execution. The on-screen character who did the part of a judge has likewise made an exceptionally great showing with regards to.

Sapthagiri LLB Minus Points:-

The entire first half is dodgy and has nothing much interesting going its way. The way Saptagiri gets involved in the case and challenges Sai Kumar is shown in a very silly note.
This is the time where Saptagiri is shown as a mass hero with unnecessary fights and songs coming in as speed breakers. The makers should have left Saptagiri’s character quite simple and plain-hearted so that things would have been quite hard-hitting during the end.
Yet another drawback of the flick is that the court case gets serious only in the second half and all the scenes showcasing Sai Kumar and Saptagiri’s arguments during the first part have no weight. The flick clearly does not have the emotion or depth which the original Hindi flick created.

Sapthagiri LLB Technical Aspects:-

Production values of the flick are pretty neat and showcase the flick in a rich light. The art direction is pretty good as the courtroom set up and its surroundings have been showcased in a realistic way. The camera work is captivating and so was the background score. The screenplay of the flick is quite disappointing as the main plot does not create any impact until the last half an hour. Coming to the director Charan, he has done a below average job with the flick. He wastes a lot of time to get to the point and makes the premise silly most of the time.

Sapthagiri LLB Verdict:-

On the whole, Saptagiri LLB is a half-hearted remake of the cult Hindi flick Jolly LLB. The first half of the flick goes for a toss as some silly narration and over the hifh sequences bore the audience. Things become interesting only during the last half an hour as the emotions, performances, and hard-hitting courtroom scenes elevate the proceedings and make this a bearable flick this weekend. Watch it only for the second half.

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