Pawan kalyan speaks for the first time about Paritala Ravi

Janasena party president Pawan Kalyan lastly broke his silence on Ravi Paritala. That Paritala Ravi had Pawan Kalyan’s head shaved was a Popular news when it broke. Although 20 years have passed since, it still remains a mystery. Pawan Kalyan explained what had happened when addressing a meeting of party workers from Guntur and Krishna districts in Vijayawada. Pawan Kalyan said that while he was shooting for his film ‘Tammudu’, he had received a call from his brother Nagababu, who asked him whether it was true that Paritala Ravi had hit him. Taken aback, Pawan had asked who Ravi was, as he had no idea about that person! Upon asking where his brother received this information, he found out that someone from the TDP office had conveyed this.

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Much later, Pawan Kalyan had shaved his head as he was irritated with changing hairstyles while shooting. Some mischief-mongers from Telugu desham Party spread the rumor that this was because of Paritala Ravi. Pawan Kalyan said that he was not one to keep quiet if something like that had really happened. The leader said that the truth was that he had never even met Paritala Ravi and that fact was in Ravi’s biography too. This was all a TDP invention, he alleged. Still, he said, he had supported the party in the previous elections for the betterment of Andhra Pradesh, citing this as an example of his cultured behavior. He then urged the people of Vijayawada to work towards making a global city, transcending casteism and religious fundamentalism.

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