Paritala Behind pawan kalyan shaved head Is True – Roja

Pawan Kalyan shaved head controversy: Even as the die-hard fans of Pawan Kalyan are yet to come to terms with MLA Roja’s shocking criticism against their favorite actor and his supporter Bandla Ganesh, Roja has stirred hornet’s nest as she made some shocking statements on Pawan Kalyan shaved head controversy.

In the fresh attack on Pawan Kalyan and TDP, MLA Roja stated that the Pawan Kalyan shaved head controversy of Pawan and Paritala was true and said that she was in the TDP during the time of the controversy. Roja, however, said she has no connection with it.

Roja didn’t stop there. She even went on to make a ‘wordplay’ and said that Telugu desham party had got Pawan’s head shaved (refers to cheating) again in 2014. She added that TDP would again get Pawan’s head shaved in 2019 again. MLA has cautioned Kalyan to realize this and advised him to stay away from TDP.

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Already, Roja’s statements on Kalyan, Ganesh have invited huge flak from power star’s fans. The fans of Kalyan, followers of Jagan are locking horns with each other over their leaders. Looks like, Roja is fueling the fire with her demeaning remarks on Kalyan.

Jana Sena has no agenda: Roja

 Nagari MLA R.K. Roja on Tuesday observed that people of the State are vexed with an incohesive stand of Jana Sena Party president and actor Pawan Kalyan towards blinding failures of the Chandrababu Naidu Govt. Terming Pawan Kalyan as a ‘political ignorant’, Ms. Roja said that even a school kid could see through his sycophancy.

Talking to Media, Ms. Roja said that Pawan Kalyan’s politics had only been causing confusion among various sections of the public. “The Jana Sena has absolutely no agenda and no leaders. Whenever the TDP government goes wrong, Mr. Pawan Kalyan would emerge with package politics. His silence and absence during the stampede deaths at Pushkarams, road rage of the sand mafia in Chittoor, and boat tragedy at Vijayawada stood clearly exposed.

The YSRCP Mahila leader said that the rhetoric of  Jana Sena President against hereditary politics, targeting YSRCP president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy was a big joke. “He should first question Mr. Chandrababu Naidu about induction of his son Lokesh into the State Cabinet through the backdoor, and making Balakrishna MLA,” Ms. Roja said.

Accusing the CM of a hand in red sanders smuggling, MLA said that the incident of the police detecting red sanders logs in the fields of Mr. Naidu at Naravaripalle was true. “There is no need for red sanders to hide the logs there. The episode of the logs being transported in a dairy van owned by Mr. Naidu’s family members is also true. But, the helpless police tampered the evidence,” she alleged.

Referring to the tag of ‘iron leg’ attached to her, Ms. Roja said that it was Mr. Chandrababu Naidu who had spread falsehood against her and coined the term. “In 1999, I campaigned for the TDP when Mr. Naidu was facing threat from Maoists. That time, the TDP won. I am successful as an actor, mother, MLA. Then why the tag?” she maintained.

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