Mahesh Kathi Review On Agnyaathavaasi Teaser

The controversial movie critic Katti Mahesh. He has given a special interview on Pawan Kalyan to the Agnyaathavaasi teaser once again. Mahesh Katti is the only Actor in the industry. Pawan Kalyan’s ‘unknown name’ Recently, Mahesh Katti, who has been frequently criticized for Pawan Kalyan, has changed the route. The Agnyaathavaasi gave the teaser his own style and once again became a hot topic.

Trivikram Srinivas-Pawan Kalyan’s combination of Agnyaathavaasi Sankranthi gift is going to be a massive release on January 10th. The film’s teaser was released on Saturday as part of the promotions. Within few hours of release, the teaser made the world’s highest-teasing teaser. Besides Mega Fans, the Common Audience also sparks a smile on Agnyaathavaasi face’ teaser.

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Mahesh is the knife of ‘Pesaratattu’ .. Agnyaathavaasi gave his opinion on the teaser. Anonymous’ teaser .. A classical base song in the backdrop of a slight ‘glittering’ seem to have comparisons. Like the rest of the movie teasers, without hitting the story, the good shots of the story and the hype on the movie. The teaser critter Mahesh’s knife is a teaser.

But the Agnyaathavaasi teaser said that the production values were fantastic, and the two things seemed to be great. One is a wrist photography … the second one is that Anirudh is keen on Mahesh’s knife. Trivikram has the latest teaser like the last pictures .. The teaser has highlighted Pawan Kalyan as a whole. But Agnyaathavaasi is a link to this story? Clues for what the Agnyaathavaasi would do for the family was not to be seen in the teaser, but to watch them in the theatrical trailer. The technically Agnyaathavaasi teaser in the film is very promising in the look of the movie. The film will be a full review of Agnyaathavaasi, says thi Mahesh.

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