hyderabad traffic points system: First person to lose driving license – Check your points

Traffic penalty points Hyderabad: Hyderabad City Traffic Police is implementing “Hyderabad traffic points system” seriously which was introduced in August 2017.

According to the report published in TOI, R. Mahendra Heniya, a resident of Barkatpura became the first citizen to lose his driving license since he had exceeded the limit of traffic violations.

Shockingly, a large number of his punishment indicates were expected not wearing a helmet. The other infringement incorporates driving while at the same time chatting on the telephone.

It is also announced that he was first caught violating traffic rules on 18th August 2017. Medchal Road Transport Authorities had also issued a show cause notice to him.

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It may be mentioned that if the driving license is canceled, it cannot be renewed for a year.

Commenting on the cancellation of traffic license, Cyberabad Traffic Police official said that this should set an example for others who violate traffic rules.

DCP of Cyberabad Traffic Police, Mr. AV Ranganath said that it was watched that violators like to pay a great many rupees on punishments instead of purchasing a protective cap. This new strategy would dishearten such practices, he included.

District Transport Officer of Medchal, Road Transport Authority, MR. Srinivas Puppalla said that if anyone overcome 6 points, he/she can get his/her points reduced by attending ‘defensive driver training’. Attendance in one session will result in the reduction of 3 penalty points. By attending two such sessions in two years, travelers can get their 6 penalty points reduced.

Here’re the ways to know your Telangana, Hyderabad traffic points system penalty points:

If you register your Mobile number with RTA, you will get updates via SMS.
You can view the same by visiting the official website of Telangana State Police


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