Bad Luck! Heroine Suffering From Thyroid

Well, sometimes you need to have huge luck shining in your stride in case if you have to become happening heroines. Some girls actually overcome all the stress and also any health issue to rise to the top. Samantha is one classic example in that area.

But this heroine we are talking about is very impressive with her acting skills and charming looks, but health issue is said to be troubling her. Apparently, she’s said to have diagnosed with thyroid overgrowth and that is leading to her putting some extra weight.

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Though that thyroid condition is something that could be controlled, we hear that her stress levels are making it impossible, which is actually affecting her looks, making her frame look bulky each passing day. The stress is due to lack of offers and recently she appeared in a blink and miss role in a big film, and that did nothing to her career.

Very beautiful and also talented, but bad luck shined bigger. Hope she bounces back soon!!

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