Fida Sai Pallavi Says- No Compromise!

Sai Pallavi shot to fame with Malar character in Malayalam super hit film ‘Premam‘. Bhanumathi has got the tag of Hybrid girl after the success of Sekhar Kammula film ‘Fidaa’. She has impressed Telugu audience with her naughty and stubborn Bhanumati role. The way she played egoistic Bhanumati character and her Telangana accent made her one of the most sought-after heroines in Telugu.

There were even rumors that Sai Pallavi has ego issues with Nani during the shoot of ‘MCA’ and her attitude became a talking point in the media. But Nani gave a clarification that they don’t have any such issues. Sai Pallavi rejected another Dil Raju offer after ‘Fidaa’ and there was a talk that she rejected it due to less remuneration. Sai Pallavi responded to these rumors in a recent interview.

Sai Pallavi accepted the fact that she has rejected an offer from Dil Raju banner. She clarified that she rejected it because she didn’t like the story and there is no truth in the rumors that she rejected it even though Dil Raju offered high remuneration. The actress said that she will never care about such rumors.

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Sai Pallavi went on to say that she said ‘no’ to famous Tamil director Mani Ratnam.. and Vikram films as well. She said that every actor wishes to act in Mani sir film but she rejected Mani sir offer because she felt she couldn’t do justice to that character. She said that she rejected Vikram flick she didn’t like her role in the flick. Fida fame said that there were rumors that success has gone to her head and she is rejecting offers. But Actress clarified that she will not compromise on choosing story and character.

Sai Pallavi also clarified her opinions on glamour show and liplocks as well. We all know that a heroine has to take up glamorous roles sometimes. But Sai Pallavi is saying that she will not take up full-fledged glamour roles. She said that glamour doesn’t mean skin show.. she appears beautiful even though she has pimples on her face. She said that when the producers approached her for playing glamorous roles, she conveyed the same thing but they misunderstood her version.

Sai Pallavi added that some producers offered high remuneration to her for appearing more glamorous but actress was not interested in skin show. So they started badmouthing her that actress is coming up with unrealistic demands. Sai Pallavi said that she can do nothing about it. Bhanumathi said that some producers asked her to act with some hero without telling the story.. but she said the story is the hero for her. She said that she will never act in liplock scenes because she comes from a middle-class family and her parents won’t accept such things. Bhanumathi revealed that her parents gave permission to act in films with some conditions that she should never act in lip lock scenes and never do glamorous roles.

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