MS Dhoni’s convincing fielding coach can speak, research on him

did not conform to the fielding hopes of India during the five-wicket defeat in the fourth ODI against South Africa. In such a way, Indian team’s fielding coach R Sridhar hopes his players will remain alert because the strong winds going on here will make it difficult to catch the catch. There is plenty of wind in Port Elizabeth because it is on the banks of Nelson Mandela Bay. On Tuesday, the clouds are expected to be sorted but there is a full possibility that the wind will play an important role.

Sridhar also praised Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wicketkeeping. He said that Dhoni’s wicketkeeping style has never been purely traditional but it has worked in his favor. Dhoni does not take much part in the practice session but he gets a lot to do in the near stumping and run-out.

Regarding fielding, Sridhar held a press conference before the fifth ODI. In that he said, ‘We will certainly take care of the winds that run there. It is important, especially in case of high catches. You have to pay attention to this because it is in your information. On the boundary line you are fielding anywhere, you have to pay attention to which direction the wind is going on.

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So far, Indian fielding on the current tour has not been as expected, and Sridhar believed that Kohli and Company’s performance in the fourth ODI was a poor performance. Sridhar said, “In the last match we could not perform as expected. With a catch, Shreyas Iyer is a great fielder, he has done the best. This was not the catch of the grade one. But sometimes it is easy to be tough on yourself and your players. This is the easiest thing to do. But if you look, it was a difficult catch.

Sridhar said that in Johannesburg, the ball shakes a lot and this is the key reason for mis-fielding. He also said that the situation played a big role in the defeat of the team in a match played by a pink ball in Johannesburg. Sridhar said, “When the overs were reduced, the levels of skill among the two teams also got reduced.”

What did Dhoni say in praise?

Sridhar said, ‘Dhoni has his own style, which is very successful for him. I think we can research his wicketkeeping style and I would like to name it ‘The Mahi Way’. Many things can be learned from their style, so many things about which young wicketkeepers can not even think. He is a unique player of his way as cricketers should.

Dhoni has done 106 stumpings in 316 ODIs with 295 catches. They said, ‘Their hands are amazing. He is the best wicket-keeper for spinners. For stumping their hands move faster than electricity. It is their natural art which is wonderful to see.

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