Central Government Shocked With KCR’s Rs 8000 Offer

State governments implement various welfare schemes with the support from the Central Government. Rarely, we find a state government taking the initiative and implementing all by itself. It is also hard to find any politician who is ready to sacrifice a cabinet ministry. Especially when someone like Rajnath Singh, Home Minister offers the same. But One CM did that!

Speaking at the foundation stone ceremony of the Yadav – Kurma Bhavan in Kokapet, RR District, TS Chief Minister KCR shared an interesting conversation he had with Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

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‘I shared with Rajnath Singh that the Telangana government is giving Rs. 8,000 as input subsidy [per acre] for farmers. He raised doubts about how the farmers would pay back the Rs. 8,000. After I said, the farmers need not return the subsidy given by the government, Rajnath Singh stood up from his chair, after being shocked.

Central Government Home minister asked me to actively take part in national politics, for which I told ‘I would spend my entire life to serve my state, Telangana,’ said KCR.

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KCR is known for implementing various welfare schemes for farmers and BPL families, like Sheep Distribution Scheme, Asara welfare scheme and KCR Kits scheme. He is often hailed by his party members for his sensational decisions on implementing various welfare schemes.

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