Ban on News channel put on Hold What are the reasons behind it?

It is known news that number of superstars like Naga Babu, Allu Aravind, Suresh Babu, Chiranjeevi and others directed gathering and chose to force prohibition on the chose news channels-TV9, TV5, ABN and Mahaa. Later it was heard that they have taken ultimate conclusion and the above stations will be restricted from second May and no any limited time substance will be given to these stations however as indicated by the most recent report, Mega sibling Naga Babu has rubbished this news and stated, “It is simply theory and the choice has been kept on hold starting at now.” Naga Babu is likewise exceptionally vexed as a portion of the media stations and online interfaces are spreading negative words about Allu Arjun’s up and coming motion picture Naa Peru Surya.

Everybody is interested to know why Telugu Film Industry f keep down on its choice. The sources say that Allan Narayana and Kranthi from writer associations met Suresh Babu, Tammareddy, Mega maker Allu Aravind and KL Narayana, and talked about this theme. Later celebs who spoke to TFI guaranteed them that there is no prohibition on news media. Be that as it may, what did they talk about? For what reason did TFI trash the news of prohibition on chose news Channels? It appears the columnist that spoke to the media cleared up that when Sri Reddy mishandled Jana Sena President and demonstrated her center finger to him, the media channels endeavored to keep up separate from her and quit welcoming her to any civil arguments. Despite the fact that the news channels talked about on the point of throwing sofa yet the channels never attempted to give it a political bend.

It is additionally heard that writer likewise addressed Tollywood biggies, rather than lashing out at Ram Gopal Varma who upheld Sri Reddy, why is TFI attempting to give it a political contort. It appears they additionally got some information about every one of the confirmations of connivance that the film Industry individuals are engendering about the TV Channels. They additionally addressed for what reason did TFI individuals flowed the transformed recordings of Sri Reddy. The media delegate said that they didn’t broadcast the oppressive dialect Sri Reddy utilized, they put beep sound when Sri Reddy expressed In any case, Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan posted a video that has sound

They additionally solicited that number from individuals from Telugu Film Industry are not supporting the choice of prohibition on these news channels at that point by what means would few be able to individuals take the choice to force boycott. Why the whole film Industry is coming in the help of just a single political gathering Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena. As indicated by the reports from media hover, after discourse TFI fat cats briefly put the choice on hold.

Soon, everybody will come to realize that what occurred in the gathering of Media individuals and TFI biggies and these channels are getting limited time substance or not.

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