Are you aware how dangerous a mobile phone can be?

Cell phone towers hold reception apparatuses and different correspondences hardware. They surge the territory for miles around with capable high recurrence radio waves to help the utilization of PDAs. This radiation causes different medical issues. It is exceptionally perilous for kids and pregnant ladies. In this advanced age we can’t live without these contraptions. In this way, it is critical to play it safe to shield ourselves from unsafe radiations.

Some of the harmful effects can be:

• Cognitive decline
• Brain tumors
• DNA damage
• Calcium efflux
• Early Alzheimer’s
• Breast cancer

Have you at any point seen a honey bee, sparrow, pigeon, or any feathered creature flying and remaining close to the cell tower?… . I think No.

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The reason is surface region of a winged animal which is bigger than human body, so they ingest more radiation. Since liquid substance is little because of less weight, it gets warmed up quick and furthermore the attractive field bothers their navigational abilities.


• Do not use mobile phones and laptops while charging.
• Keep your mobile phones away from you atleast 3-4 feet distance while sleeping.
• Children below 18 years of age and pregnant ladies should use phone only when necessary.
• Use ear phones while speaking on mobile phone.
• Do not work on laptops by keeping on your lap.
• Research has proved that consistent use of mobile phones raises the body temperature up to 2 degrees.

Inform your family and friends about the harmful effects of dangerous radiations so that at least the problem can be minimised.

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