7 Reasons You Should Not Miss Onions In Your Diet

Did you know that 100g of onions contain 40 calories, with no cholesterol and no fat? That’s according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The importance of this indispensable vegetable lies in the fact that it is consumed across the globe, mostly cooked. Whether it’s the main dish, salad, or a simple sauce, you cannot deny the awesome taste and richness that onions add to your meal.

I know that it makes us cry sometimes when a knife cuts through. Yet, do you wonder why no one you know has stopped using onions because of a few tears? Well, maybe that’s a little price to pay for all the amazing benefits this awesome vegetable provides. Many people use onions as spices, a method that has been practiced for centuries when it was regarded as primarily a medicine. Here are 7 reasons you should not miss onions in your diet.

7 Reasons Onions must be in your Diet

1. Onions help Digestion

For your body to work appropriately, it must have a smooth stomach related framework. Onions are a rich wellspring of fiber and fiber settles your framework, enabling sustenances to separate effectively. It is this procedure that likewise helps the extraction of supplements from nourishment to be consumed by your body, while the lay is passed on for discharge.

2. Settles the Heart

Because of its capacity to bring down circulatory strain, onions can balance out heart condition and decrease the danger of a heart assault. It is additionally rich in sulfur that directs blood platelet check and makes the blood more slender. The quercetin substance of onions likewise keeps the development of plaques in the corridors.

3. Lifts the Immune System

There are exceptionally powerful cell reinforcement properties in onions that can support your insusceptible framework immensely. Aside from warding off the development of basic maladies, microscopic organisms and contaminations, onions are an incredible wellspring of polyphenols which keep free radicals from gathering and causing numerous ailments including disease.

4. Forestalls Cancer

I have just specified above how polyphenols in onions prevent free radicals from amassing. Free radicals are the premise of disease, and on the off chance that you can stop them, you can anticipate growth utilizing onions. Additionally, onion has a place with the allium vegetable family, as its organosulfur properties can help keep the development of a tumor. This is the reason prostate, stomach and colorectal diseases can be avoided by the utilization of onions.

5. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

We as a whole know how harming irritation can be to the body, and that is the reason we should battle it. The sulfur in onions is exceedingly mitigating. Aggravation can cause hypersensitivities and a few sicknesses and must be avoided however much as could reasonably be expected.

6. Advances Hair Growth

Unfortunately, this capacity of onions is to a great extent ignored. As indicated by insights, around 60 million grown-ups in the United States are encountering male pattern baldness. Once more, sulfur can empower hair development, and it is a noteworthy segment of onions.

7. Treats Common Cold and Respiratory Conditions

The calming properties of onions, for example, quercetin, kaempferol, and flavonoids, are likewise a noteworthy solution for bronchitis, regular icy, and other respiratory conditions. Besides, the oil in onions is an expectorant which can dispose of headstrong bodily fluid and keep facilitate bodily fluid from working up.


I have explained 7 reasons why you should not miss onions in your diet. Often times, we overlook the health benefits of this super vegetable and simply focus on its taste and flavor. The next time you want to make a meal, think about all these benefits and add an onion bulb or two.

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